Committee Membership

3 Faculty members

  • Prof. Irene Henriques, Sustainability & Economics, Schulich School of Business (Resigned 6 March 2017)
  • Prof. Evan Light, School of Translation, Glendon College
  • Prof. Anna Zalik, Faculty of Environmental Studies

1 Non-Academic Staff member

  • James Pratt, Research Officer, Faculty of Fine Arts (Resigned 6 March 2017)

3 Student members (named by their respective constituencies)

  • Mina Rajabi Paak, representative of the York University Graduate Students’ Association
  • Mithilen Mathipalan, representative of the York Federation of Students
  • Manisha Joshi-Vijayan, representative of the PSC Student Subcommittee

The other members of the YUACRI include:

  • Trudy Pound-Curtis, Assistant Vice-President Finance and Chief Financial Officer (Resigned 29 March 2017)
  • Laurie Lawson, University Treasurer (Resigned 29 March 2017)